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Book Lists

Spring 2024 New Releases

by 49th Teachers

I Am A Rock

by (author) Ashley Qilavaq-Savard
illustrated by Pelin Turgut

My Favourite Colour

by (author) Lindsay Ruck
illustrated by Bryanna Chapeskie

What If Bedtime Didn't Exist?

by (author) Francine Cunningham
illustrated by Mathias Ball

Mwâkwa Talks to the Loon

by (author) Dale Auger

The Pie Reports

by (author) Hayley Lowe

Charlie's Balloons

A Story of Big Emotions

by (author) Sarah Degonse
illustrated by Élodie Duhameau
translated by Arielle Aaronson

The Scooter Twins

by (author) Dorothy Ellen Palmer
illustrated by Maria Sweeney

Dragon on the Loose

by (author) Marty Chan
illustrated by Grace Chen

Ullak and the Creatures of the Sea

English Edition

by (author) Suzie Napayok-Short
illustrated by Sho Uehara

Taming Papa

by (author) Mylène Goupil
translated by Shelley Tanaka

Queenie Jean Is in Trouble Again

by (author) Christine Read

Maya Plays the Part

by (author) Calyssa Erb

The Longest Shot

How Larry Kwong Changed the Face of Hockey

by (author) Chad Soon & George Chiang
illustrated by Amy Qi

The Kodiaks

Home Ice Advantage

by (author) David A. Robertson

Lo Simpson Starts a Revolution

by (author) Melanie Florence

Bertie Stewart Is Perfectly Imperfect

by (author) Melanie Mosher

The Cannibal

by (author) Louise Flaherty & Solomon Awa
illustrated by Raphael Ter-Stephanov

In It to Win It

Sports and the Climate Crisis

by (author) Erin Silver
illustrated by Pui Yan Fong

Why We Need Vaccines

How Humans Beat Infectious Diseases

by (author) Rowena Rae
illustrated by Paige Stampatori

Age 16

by (author) Rosena Fung

Burning Cold

An Inuit and Dene Comics Collection

by (author) Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley, Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley & Richard Van Camp

Crash Landing

by (author) Li Charmaine Anne

The End of Always

by (author) Rebecca Phillips


by (author) Mishka Lavigne