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Book Lists

Fall 2023 New Releases

Dive into the latest Canadian books for kids and teens.

by 49th Teachers

Do You Remember?

by (author) Sydney Smith

Mehndi Boy

by (author) Zain Bandali
illustrated by Jani Balakumar

Shamus the Urban Rez Dog, P.I.

by (author) Leslie Gentile

All the Faces of Me

by (author) Laura Alary
illustrated by Salini Perera

Benjamin's Thunderstorm

by (author) Melanie Florence
illustrated by Hawlii Pichette

Hopeless in Hope

by (author) Wanda John-Kehewin

If You See a Bluebird

by (author) Bahram Rahman
illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard

Waci! Dance!

by (author) Sage Speidel
illustrated by Leah Dorion Dorion

Everyone is Welcome

by (author) Phuong Truong
illustrated by Christine Wei

The Words We Share

by (author) Jack Wong

Life Expectancy

by (author) Alison Hughes

100 Chapatis

by (author) Derek Mascarenhas
illustrated by Shantala Robinson

Most Magnificent Maker's A to Z, The

illustrated by Ashley Spires

We the Sea Turtles

A collection of island stories

by (author) Michelle Kadarusman

Poison Town

by (author) Elyssa Campbell

Auntie's Rez Surprise

by (author) Heather O'Watch
illustrated by Ellie Arscott

Lost Inside My Head

by (author) Vigg
translated by David Warriner

The Antiracist Kitchen

21 Stories (and Recipes)

edited by Nadia L. Hohn
illustrated by Roza Nozari
foreword by Ainara Alleyne

Mary Anning's Curiosity

by (author) Monica Kulling
illustrated by Melissa Castrillon

The Journey of the Ancestors' Gifts

by (author) Linda Trinh
illustrated by Clayton Nguyen

More than Words

Navigating the Complex World of Communication

by (author) Natalie Hyde & Valerie Sherrard
illustrated by David Jardine

Aliya’s Secret

A Story of Ramadan

by (author) Farida Zaman

Next Door

by (author) Deborah Kerbel
illustrated by Isaac Liang

The Imaginary Alphabet

by (author) Sylvie Daigneault

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