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Book Lists

2023 Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts

The incredible list of writers/artists who will be at the 41st Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts, August 17-20, 2023, in Sechelt, BC, Canada.

by Monica Miller


My Fight for Survival, Hope, and Justice for Indigenous Women and Girls

by (author) Angela Sterritt

Wired for Music

A Search for Health and Joy Through the Science of Sound

by (author) Adriana Barton

Last Winter

by (author) Carrie Mac

Mercy Gene

The Man-Made Making of a Mad Woman

by (author) J.D. Derbyshire

The Whole Animal

by (author) Corinna Chong

The Future Is Now

Solving the Climate Crisis with Today's Technologies

by (author) Bob McDonald

This Unlikely Soil

by (author) Andrea Routley

Fortune Knox Once

More Musings from the Edge

by (author) Jack Knox

Fire Weather

The Making of a Beast

by (author) John Vaillant

Chasing Rivers

A Whitewater Life

by (author) Tamar Glouberman

Thick Skin

Field Notes From A Sister In The Brotherhood

by (author) Hilary Peach

Hammer & Nail

Notes of a Journeywoman

by (author) Kate Braid

The Foghorn Echoes

by (author) Danny Ramadan

Holden After and Before

Love Letter for a Son Lost to Overdose

by (author) Tara McGuire

Trinity Street


by (author) Jen Currin

Old Gods

by (author) Conor Kerr


by (author) Cecily Nicholson


How Words Shape Our World

by (author) J. Edward Chamberlin

Blue Portugal and Other Essays

by (author) Theresa Kishkan

The Imposters

A Novel

by (author) Tom Rachman

True Reconciliation

How to Be a Force for Change

by (author) Jody Wilson-Raybould

I Only Read Murder

A Novel

by (author) Will Ferguson & Ian Ferguson

Galena Bay Odyssey

Reflections of a Hippie Homesteader

by (author) Ellen Schwartz

Tracking Giants

Big Trees, Tiny Triumphs, and Misadventures in the Forest

by (author) Amanda Lewis
foreword by Diana Beresford-Kroeger

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