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Stomp Around: International Dinosaur Month is Here

(THIS IS A RECOMMENDED READING LIST BY LYNN LEITCH, WHOSE NEW BOOK IS DINOS DRIVING, ILLUSTRATED BY SCOT RITCHIE.) In Canada, October is full of big things. There are big changes to our weather and wardrobes (where did I put my winter coat last year?). There is big excitement around holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. But October is big for another (often scaly) reason—it is International Dinosaur Month. How do you celebrate a month dedicated to these giant, extinct animals? You could plan an afternoon of dinosaur arts and crafts. If you happen to live close to a museum that features dinosaurs (Canada has many) you could plan an afternoon visit. But of course, one of the best ways to celebrate dinosaurs is to read all about them. My debut picture book, DINOS DRIVING, is a celebration of my son’s two obsessions when he was 3-5 years old—dinosaurs and things that move. I hope this story encourages little ones to think about which vehicle their favourite dinosaur would drive. To satisfy every dino-lover this October, here are a few books to check out, from the deeply informative to the downright silly...

by Kerry Clare