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Tom Thomson Reading List

These are some of the books that introduced me to Canadian painter and national icon Tom Thomson (1877-1917). They run the gamut from scholarly examinations of his life and art to murder mysteries to plays and poems. The depictions of Thomson run the gamut as well: innocent nature boy; reticent genius; drunken philanderer; and everything in between. As Sherrill Grace suggests in Inventing Tom Thomson, there are as many Tom Thomsons as there are artists who write about him. These are some of my favourites.

by Richard Weiser · Tagged Tom Thomson`, Canadian Art, Art, Canada, Painters

Real Mystery of Tom Thomson, The

His Art and His Life

by (author) Richard Weiser

Northern Light

The Enduring Mystery of Tom Thomson and the Woman Who Loved Him

by (author) Roy MacGregor

The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson

by (author) George A. Walker

Tom Thomson

The Life and Mysterious Death of the Famous Canadian Painter

by (author) Jim Poling Sr.

Tom Thomson's Last Paddle

A Dani and Caitlin Mystery

by (author) Larry McCloskey

Tom Thomson


by (author) Joan Murray

Earth Day in Leith Churchyard

Poems in Search of Tom Thomson

by (author) Bernadette Rule

Viewing Tom Thomson

A Minority Report

by (author) Kevin Irie

The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson

by (author) David P. Silcox

A Treasury of Tom Thomson

by (author) Joan Murray
producer Counterpunch Inc.

The Many Deaths of Tom Thomson

Separating Fact from Fiction

by (author) Gregory Klages

Inventing Tom Thomson

From Biographical Fictions to Fictional Autobiographies and Reproductions

by (author) Sherrill Grace

Tom Thomson 2018

Bilingual (English/French)

by (artist) Tom Thomson

The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson

An Introduction

by (author) Anne Newlands

Who Killed Tom Thomson?

The Truth about the Murder of One of the 20th Century's Most Famous Artists

by (author) John Little

Painting Canada

Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven

by (author) Ian A.C. Dejardin
contributions by Anna Hudson & Katerina Atanassova

Tom Thomson

Artist of the North

by (author) Wayne Larsen

Passion over Reason / la passion avant la raison

Tom Thomson & Joyce Wieland

by (author) Sarah Stanners

The Artist and the Moose: A Fable of Forget

by (author) Roy Kiyooka
edited by Roy Miki

A Like Vision

The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson

edited by Ian A.C. Dejardin & Sarah Milroy

Go Home Bay

by (author) Susan Vande Griek & Pascal Milelli

Colours In The Storm

by (author) Jim Betts

Images of Nature

Canadian Poets and the Group of Seven

edited by David Booth

Defiant Spirits

The Modernist Revolution of the Group of Seven

by (author) Ross King

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