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RMB Indigenous Kids Books by Neepin Auger

We're thrilled to have new format softcover editions of Neepin Auger's bestselling board books coming for Fall 2020! These beautiful, bright, and colourful titles have sold very well in their original board book format and we're certain that these new softcover editions will open up a whole new market for parents, grandparents, educators, and librarians who are looking for charming and easily accessible resources for teaching young kids words in English, French, and Cree. In addition to the English words presented, the French and Cree equivalents are also given, along with pronunciation support, making these some of the most dynamic and useful picture books on the market, perfectly suitable for the classroom, library, playroom, and as gifts. If you're looking for a lovely example of how these books sound in Cree, please check out this video:

by RMB | Rocky Mountain Books · Tagged Cree, French, Languages, Indigenous, Kids Books