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Book Lists

Writing Through Risk: Megan Gail Coles

From Megan Gail Coles, author of SMALL GAME HUNTING AT THE LOCAL COWARD GUN CLUB The books on this list challenge literary expectations and community norms while demanding artistic honesty and human compassion. This is fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama from the whole of our country written by individuals taking creative risks. Some of these are small linguistic risks, forcing the structure of a sentence into a new shape. Others are grand demonstrative risks, urging the industry to move beyond traditional gatekeeping. Still others are risking more, risking everything, even safety and wellbeing, to speak their truth rather than sit silent and unseen. These books, to varying degrees, have given me courage to write as I do about things I feel are important to the place and people I love. I am very grateful to each author for putting it on the page and hope to contribute to this brave dialogue in my way.

by Kerry Clare