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BC Books for BC Schools

Books from BC publishers for elementary, middle, and high school curriculum.

by Association of Book Publishers of BC · Tagged school, educational, bc, environment

The Secret of Grim Hill

Grim Hill, Book One

by (author) Linda DeMeulemeester

The Family Secret

Grim Hill, Book Four

by (author) Linda DeMeulemeester

The Forgotten Secret

Grim Hill, Book Three

by (author) Linda DeMeulemeester

The Secret Deepens

Grim Hill, Book Two

by (author) Linda DeMeulemeester

Forest of Secrets

Grim Hill, Book Five

by (author) Linda DeMeulemeester

Carnival of Secrets

Grim Hill, Book Six

by (author) Linda DeMeulemeester

In Fine Form

The Canadian Book of Form Poetry

edited by Sandy Shreve & Kate Braid

An Intimate Wilderness

Arctic Voices in a Land of Vast Horizons

by (author) Norman Hallendy
foreword by William W. Fitzhugh

Just Cool It!

The Climate Crisis and What We Can Do - A Post-Paris Agreement Game Plan

by (author) Ian Hanington & David Suzuki

The Nor'Wester

by (author) David Starr

Pacific Reef and Shore

A Photo Guide to Northwest Marine Life

by (author) Rick M. Harbo

Pandas on the Eastside

by (author) Gabrielle Prendergast


by (author) Rita Wong & Cindy Mochizuki

Pocket Change

Pitching In for a Better World

by (author) Michelle Mulder

River of Salmon Peoples

by (author) Jeannette Armstrong & Gerry William


by (author) Luanne Armstrong

Seeking Refuge

by (author) Irene N. Watts
illustrated by Kathryn E. Shoemaker

The Silver Lining

by (author) Amanda Spottiswoode
illustrated by Molly March

Speaking Our Truth

A Journey of Reconciliation

by (author) Monique Gray Smith

Stealth of the Ninja

by (author) Philip Roy

Tails Don't Lie 2

A Pack of Dog Cartoons

by (author) Adrian Raeside

Wade Davis


by (author) Wade Davis

When Morning Comes

by (author) Arushi Raina

Alaska Highway Two-Step

by (author) Caroline Woodward

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