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Finalists for 30th Trillium Book Award
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Finalists for 30th Trillium Book Award

By 49thShelf
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Six English and five French books have been shortlisted for the 2017 Trillium Book Award, the Ontario government’s prestigious award for literature. Three titles are also shortlisted for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry in the English language and the award for Children’s Literature in the French language. (Missing from our list below is Dane Swan, A Mingus Lullaby, Guernica Editions)
The Hidden Keys

The Hidden Keys

also available: eBook Audiobook
tagged : literary


Giller Prize winner André Alexis’s contemporary take on the quest narrative is an instant classic.

Parkdale’s Green Dolphin is a bar of ill repute, and it is there that Tancred Palmieri, a thief with elegant and erudite tastes, meetsWillow Azarian, an aging heroin addict. She reveals to Tancred that her very wealthy father has recently passed away, leaving each of his five children a mysterious object that provides one clue to the whereabouts of a large inh …

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What Being Brown in the World Today Means (to Everyone)
also available: eBook Hardcover Paperback

Winner of the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing

Finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Non-fiction and the Trillium Book Award

A Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Life, Walrus, CBC Books, Chatelaine, Hill Times, 49th Shelf and Writers’ Trust Best Book of the Year

With the urgency and passion of Ta-Nehisi Coates (Between the World and Me), the seductive storytelling of J.D. Vance (Hillbilly Elegy) and the historical rigour of Carol Anderson (White Rage), Kamal Al …

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For All The Men (and Some of The Women) I've Known

For All The Men (and Some of The Women) I've Known


For All The Men (and Some of The Women) I’ve Known explores the complexity of relationships, from love to betrayal. In the book’s unforgettable stories, Botha creates characters so authentic, readers are convinced that they know the characters personally. Botha excels at blending literary techniques with popular zeitgeist, creating stories that read like a combination of Liar by Lynn Crosbie with Lena Dunham’s "Girls." With her signature honesty, Botha exposes the desire for human connecti …

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Waiting for the Cyclone

Waiting for the Cyclone

also available: eBook

A Trillium Book Award Finalist

"A radiant debut—beautifully written, passionate, and whip smart." —Ayelet Tsabari, author of The Best Place on Earth, winner of the Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature

Women are too often cast in literature as inherently good and dependable—but this is not the case in the audacious stories of Waiting for the Cyclone.

Mary, a closet drinker, leaver her children with Debbie, a seemingly perfect housewife who shoots pharmaceuticals at night. Alison vacations wit …

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Throaty Wipes

Throaty Wipes

also available: Paperback

In 1934, Gertrude Stein asked "What is poetry and if you know what poetry is what is prose." Throaty Wipes answers this question and many more! How does broadband work? Does "chuffed" mean pleased or displeased? What if the generations of Adam had mothers? Through her signature fusion of formal innovation and lyricism, Holbrook delivers what we've been waiting for.

'Here is language that has a joyous physicality, reminding us that language and, therefore, poetry is first and foremost a physical …

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What Is Poetry
(a twelve-tone poem)
trite yap show
rosy twit heap
posterity haw
a wept history
it’s yawp rot, eh
a wisher potty
a power shitty
a whitey sport
poetry is what
whips yo tater
pets it awry, oh
oh, twisty pear
two hearts yip
it’s paw theory
hi! try wet soap
ear whist typo
ape with story
or what ye spit
or what yeps it
throaty wipes
or what I types
Without You
I wander lonely as a clod
in a bondless ble sky.
I’m living in a bbble,
the little engine
that cold.
I miss being a nit.
Me and my big
moth, devoring
every planet y’all
were in. Only
Mars and Earth
can sstain life now.
What a clsterfck!
I’ve lost ten ponds.
I’ve been hiding in the
hose reading The History
of Tom Jones, a Fondling.
I need my fond pot back, yo.
I am ardor’s American
neighbor. At the la
grass skirts hla;
I slmp in a

I’m in the Salt.
I know I was sed
bt I miss that sing.

Layman’s Terms
OK, say the tower is
bathwater, the dish
is your drain pipe, your
computer a septic tank,
the trees a cracked
waste shoe. OK, the
tower is a gas tank,
the dish is a crankcase,
the trees a leaky
fuel injector and your
computer a rough or
hesitant idler. The tower
is your brain, OK? your
dish is your mouth,
the trees the inhibitory
neurotransmitter gamma-
aminobutyric acid, your
computer slurring ‘this
time make it a double.’
The tower is power,
your computer is a hair
dryer, your dish is a plug,
the trees are insulation
under the screw. The trees
are a slotted spoon,
OK? the tower is a dish,
your computer a leaky
mouth, your dish
another dish. Say
the tower is a red
fish, your dish
a spawning pool.
Your trees are too shallow.
Your computer is a cobble
riffle. A forest is a pinball
machine. A tree is a cotton ball, OK?
Your arms slur and plug,
there are dishes in the
tub. The sun flash-broils
the moon, but your
computer is Earth
under a messy blue sky of trees.
A viper appears to chew
the rat, but in reality
it is toothing in
more venom, to
swallow its prey
whole OK that’s
what you want

from Shredded Suite
Any woman who’s gone to this guy’s office knows he really loves Superman.
graphed by Christopher Re
after her epidural, was give
This vintage Man of Steel is
was evacuated of clots, spo
signed by George Reeves, “
grasped with ring forceps to
some rust and the usual wea
adequate and blood-tinged
This plastic Man of Steel is
female, age 57, presenting
he inside is nearly spotless
hemostatically intact, but th
condition, box is also mint,
clamped, cut, and suture lig
the usual age-related wear,
with no adhesions or lesions,
it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s
a portion of the tubal stump
is the “Holy Grail” of Super
bilateral salpingo-oophorect
buckle comes w/ FREE belt
with Metzenbaum scissors.
as with any vintage issues, t
ovarian pedicles were isolate
Great Scott, Lois! What hav
proceeded to the abdomen,
day shipping to the USA on
with clamps and hot cautery
this Man of Steel, all wood
was divided in the midline.
-year-old female presenting
a big beanbag Man of Steel
was catheterized, and drain
ed of about 200 cc of urine
signia, and has a black beze
rectus muscle was divided,
small rip in the back but no
-transverse uterine incision
and been repaired with tape
and tissue were removed to
lighter could be removed to
cannulate the left fallopian
. Currently out of stock! Try
the endocervical canal, into
this cool collectable has a f
visceroperitoneum closed wi
just a small scuff in the corn
piously irrigated. 10mm suct
n of Steel’s S-shield logo on
a red rubber catheter was use
the arms move up and down
in the dorsal supine position
in a punching action. It has
abdomen opened in layers w
eed never been played with!
moderate amount of bleedin
ssic all-wood hands and feet
ncurrent elective sterilization
No. 75, issued 11-17-1992.
C-section for abruption. Pat
cratch visible in my pics. To
infant’s head was delivered
autographed by Margot Kid
ing single-toothed tenaculum
Krytpo Ray gun. Ships to U
quick delivery of infant and
auctioning naked figure only
was delivered and handed o
Fingers and toes perfect! No
d sponge count were correct.
with glow-in-the-dark hands
unfortunately a name is scra
and infant cried spontaneous
name could be buffed out if
because of previous caesaria
figure comes without outfit
Cord blood was obtained fo
lass display case shaped like
living female infant, vertex,
Sorry about the cape. It’s go
nasopharynx were suctioned
sharpener is in his chest! Jus
a viable male infant, 7 lbs., 4
are no marks or loose joints!
elivered living infant, female
Folds out to 6 ½” high for st
all 20 issues for this incredib
Apgar scores 9 and 9. After 5
his big beanbag Man of Steel
was closed with metal staples
in any way as an actual gun

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Sweetest One

Sweetest One


Cosmopolitan and curious seventeen-year-old Chrysler Wong suffers from a debilitating fear brought on by belief in a family curse. Three of her siblings have died after turning eighteen and venturing beyond the borders of their tiny rural Alberta town, and the fourth, her favourite, has recently left and is incommunicado. Is she destined to share their fate – or worse, doomed to live a circumscribed life?

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Settler Education

Settler Education


"A tone-perfect elegiac meditation on the impossibility of engaging with painful history and the necessity of doing so." – Margaret Atwood, Thomas Morton Memorial Prize for Poetry
In the stunning poems of Settler Education, Laurie D. Graham vividly explores the Plains Cree uprising at Frog Lake -- the death of nine settlers, the hanging of six Cree warriors, the imprisonment of Big Bear, and the opening of the Prairies to unfettered settlement. In ways possible only with such an honest act of …

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Yes or Nope

Yes or Nope

tagged : canadian

Funny and frank, playful and unpredictable, frequently outrageous and undeniably smart--Meaghan Strimas's poems explore the lives of girls, women, and a few bad men who maybe wish they were a little better. Strimas tackles the darkest and most disturbing subjects with a sense of humour that never fails to find evidence of a grand, cosmic joke. Bad relationships, unhealthy friendships, and creepy neighbours abound in this lively collection, which is as compulsively readable as it is emotionally u …

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