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Book Lists

Civics and Citizenship

Politics, Citizenship and Democracy

by Claire Atkinson


Media and the Coverage of Race in Canadian Politics

by (author) Erin Tolley

I'm Right and You're an Idiot

The Toxic State of Public Discourse and How to Clean it Up

by (author) James Hoggan

Quiet No More

New Political Activism in Canada and Around the Globe

by (author) Joel D. Harden

Canada's Constitutional Monarchy

An Introduction to Our Form of Government

by (author) Nathan Tidridge

The Canadian Regime

An Introduction to Parliamentary Government in Canada, Seventh Edition

by (author) Patrick Malcolmson, Richard Myers, Gerald Baier & Tom Bateman

British Columbia

Land of Promises

by (author) Patricia Roy & John Thompson

The Indian History of British Columbia

The Impact of the White Man

by (author) Wilson Duff

Asian Religions in British Columbia

edited by Larry DeVries, Don Baker & Dan Overmyer

Becoming British Columbia

A Population History

by (author) John Belshaw

The Punjabis in British Columbia

Location, Labour, First Nations, and Multiculturalism

by (author) Kamala Elizabeth Nayar

The British Columbia Court of Appeal

The First Hundred Years

by (author) Christopher Moore

Made in British Columbia

Eight Ways of Making Culture

by (author) Maria Tippett

Imagining British Columbia

Land, Memory, and Place

edited by Daniel Francis

The Struggle for Social Justice in British Columbia

Helena Gutteridge, the Unknown Reformer

by (author) Irene Howard

Politics, Policy, and Government in British Columbia

edited by R. Kenneth Carty

The First Nations of British Columbia, Third Edition

An Anthropological Overview

by (author) Robert J. Muckle

Treaty Talks in British Columbia, Third Edition

Building a New Relationship

edited by Christopher McKee

Go Do Some Great Thing

The Black Pioneers of British Columbia

by (author) Crawford Kilian
foreword by Adam Rudder

James Douglas

Father of British Columbia

by (author) Julie H. Ferguson

Whoever Gives Us Bread

The Story of Italians in British Columbia

by (author) Lynne Bowen

Sobering Dilemma

A History of Prohibition in British Columbia

by (author) Douglas Hamilton