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British Columbia History

British Columbia History

by Monica Miller · Tagged west coast, british columbia, history

Whoever Gives Us Bread

The Story of Italians in British Columbia

by (author) Lynne Bowen

The Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver

by (author) Chuck Davis

Vanishing British Columbia

by (author) Michael Kluckner

British Columbia

A New Historical Atlas

by (author) Derek Hayes

Art BC

Masterworks from British Columbia

by (author) Ian Thom

British Columbia Almanac

by (author) Mark Forsythe

The BC Almanac Book of Greatest British Columbians

by (author) Mark Forsythe & Greg Dickson

Voices of British Columbia

Stories from our Frontier

by (author) Robert Budd

Visions of British Columbia

A Landscape Manual

edited by Bruce Grenville & Scott R. Steedman

Madness, Betrayal and the Lash

The Epic Voyage of Captain George Vancouver

by (author) Stephen Bown

Simon Fraser

In Search of Modern British Columbia

by (author) Stephen Hume

Encyclopedia of Raincoast Place Names

A Complete Reference to Coastal British Columbia

by (author) Andrew MacLeod

Off the Map

Western Travels on Roads Less Taken

by (author) Stephen Hume

Imagining British Columbia

Land, Memory, and Place

edited by Daniel Francis

Trucking in British Columbia

An Illustrated History

by (author) Daniel Francis

Far West

The Story of British Columbia

by (author) Daniel Francis

Fortune's A River

The Collision of Empires in Northwest America

by (author) Barry Gough

Juan de Fuca's Strait

Voyages in the Waterway of Forgotten Dreams

by (author) Barry Gough

The Sunshine Coast

From Gibsons to Powell River

by (author) Howard White
photographs by Keith Thirkell, Dean van't Schip & Allan Forest

Raincoast Chronicles 11

Forgotten Villages of the BC Coast

edited by Howard White

Raincoast Chronicles 12

edited by Howard White

Raincoast Chronicles 13

edited by Howard White

Raincoast Chronicles 15

edited by Howard White

Raincoast Chronicles 16

Time & Tide: A History of Telegraph Cove

by (author) Pat Wastell Norris
preface by Howard White

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