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Book Lists

books that interest me

saving the books that I would be inspired to read

by Jo-Anne Hordal

Wrongfully Convicted

The Innocent in Canada

by (author) Peter Boer

Wild West Women

Travellers, Adventurers and Rebels

by (author) Rosemary Neering


An Illustrated History

by (author) Helen Dobrowolsky & Linda Johnson

Why I Hate Canadians

by (author) Will Ferguson

Whisky and Ice

The Saga of Ben Kerr, Canada's Most Daring Rumrunner

by (author) C.W. Hunt

West Coast Adventures

Shipwrecks, Lighthouses, and Rescues Along Canada's West Coast

by (author) Adrienne Mason

Wartime Halifax

The photo history of a Canadian city at war - 1939-1945

by (author) William D. Naftel

Vilhjalmur Stefansson

Arctic Adventurer

by (author) Tom Henighan

True Stories from Nova Scotia's Past

by (author) Dianne Marshall

True North

The Yukon and Northwest Territories

by (author) William R. Morrison

Trappers and Trailblazers

by (author) Jack Boudreau

Tom Thomson

The Life and Mysterious Death of the Famous Canadian Painter

by (author) Jim Poling Sr.

Titanic Victims in Halifax Graveyards

2nd edition

by (author) Blair Beed

This Day in Vancouver

by (author) Jesse Donaldson

The Wild Frontier

More Tales from the Remarkable Past

by (author) Pierre Berton

The Vikings Return

Icelandic Immigration to Canada, 1870-1920

by (author) Marian McKenna

The True North

Graphic Tales of Canada

by (author) Steve Murray

The Spirit of Africville

contributions by Donald Clairmont, Stephen Kimber, Bridglal Pachai & Charles Saunders
by (author) Africville Genealogical Society

Railroader's Wife

Letters from the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway

by (author) Jane Stevenson

Penguin History of Canada

by (author) Robert Bothwell

The Old Stones of Kingston

Its Buildings Before 1867

by (author) Margaret Angus

The Oldest City

The Story of St. John's Newfoundland

by (author) Paul O'Neill

The Lockeport Lockout

An Untold Story in Nova Scotia's Labour History

by (author) Sue Calhoun

The Halifax Explosion

Heroes and Survivors

by (author) Joyce Glasner

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