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Book Lists

Books that Kari-Lynn Winters has authored

Winters, K. (2012). Stinky Skunk Mel. Illustrated by Paola Opal. Vancouver: Simply Read Books. Winters, K. (2012). Gift Days. Illustrated by Stephen Taylor. Markham: Fitzhenry & Whiteside. Winters, K. (2012). Buzz about Bees. Markham: Fitzhenry & Whiteside. Stone, T., Winters, K. & Sherritt-Fleming, L. (2011). aRHYTHMetic: A book and a half of stories about math. Illustrated by Scot Ritchie. Vancouver, BC: Tickle Trunk Publications. Winters, K. (2010). Runaway Alphabet. Illustrated by Ben Frey. Vancouver, BC: Simply Read Books. Winters, K. (2010). When Chickens Fly. Illustrated by Izabela Bzymek. Vancouver, BC: Gumboot Books. Stone, T., Winters, K., Sherritt-Fleming, L. & Jutras-Tarakdjian. (2010). aRYTHMEtique: Un livre (et demi) de poésie sur les mathématiques Vancouver, BC: Gumboot Books. Winters, K. (2009). On My Walk. Illustrated by Christine Leist. Vancouver, BC: Tradewind Books. Winters, K. (2007). Jeffery and Sloth. Illustrated by Ben Hodson. Victoria, BC: Orca Book Publishers.

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