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Picture Books We Know & Love (by Sara O'Leary)

Right now I am the only one in my household who is the right age for picture books as both my boys have outgrown that stage, although the younger one does write them. But as first a mother, then a reviewer, and then a children’s writer I have spent an inordinate amount of time immersed in them. After years and years of writing book reviews I have a personal library that is probably smaller than it was when I began. My attitude to books has shifted – the ones I don’t care about I get rid of and the ones that I particularly like I tend to pass on to someone else. But picture books are different. Our collection has been winnowed down over the years and several major moves, but the books we have loved are now part of the family and wherever we go, they go with us. Here are a few of the picture books that stay with me (both literally and figuratively)/ Sara O’Leary is the co-creator with Julie Morstad of the Henry series: When You Were Small, Where You Came From and When I Was Small (Simply Read Books). She is also a playwright and fiction writer. She graduated from the UBC Masters program and has taught Writing for Children and Screenwriting at Concordia University in Montreal. She is currently living in a little house by a big sea and attempting to finish any number of things.

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