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Commuter Reads (List by Loren Edizel)

Loren Edizel was born in Izmir, Turkey and has lived in Canada most of her life. One of her novels, The Ghosts of Smyrna, was published in Turkey in 2008 by Senocak Yayinlari (trans. Roza Hakmen) and a short story "The Conch" appeared (November 2009) in Turkish translation as part of an anthology entitledIzmir in Women's Stories. "The Imam’s Daughter" was published in Montreal Serai.She has recently completed a collection of short stories under the title “the confession”. She currently lives in Toronto. **"The theme for my title list may seem pedestrian. It is. I don’t own a car; so I walk, take the bus and the subway to get to work and back, every day. It takes me between twenty and forty minutes each way. And during this commute, I read books. Sometimes the read is so engrossing, that I end up missing my stops or head north instead of south. The books on this list are all guilty of causing me such occasional mishaps. The voices in them are strong and uncompromising and have stayed with me long after the read. I hope you will find inspiration and pleasure in reading them as I have."

by Kerry Clare · Tagged loren edizel, adrift