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A Shelf of Small Press Books (by Theresa Kishkan)

Given the economics of contemporary publishing, it strikes me as something of a miracle that so many small presses continue to publish such interesting and beautiful books. Often they are books that would not be picked up by the larger houses yet they find loyal readers and contribute significantly to literary culture. Sometimes it’s hard to find them. Most small presses can’t afford full-page ads in the nation’s newspapers or publicists. But word travels by mouth, by the passing of these volumes from one hand to another. They’re worth the search.*** Theresa Kishkan came to national attention with her first novel, Sisters of Grass. A true "writer's writer," she has been steadfastly championed by her peers as a writer against whom others measure their own work. She is an enthusiastic organizer and participant in regional literary events. Kishkan's poetry and essays have appeared in many periodicals and journals and in five book-length collections. Today, she lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia with her husband, the poet John Pass. Her latest book is Mnemonic: A Book of Trees.

by Kerry Clare · Tagged theresa kishkan, small press books