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Why I Censor Our Bedtime Reading
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Why I Censor Our Bedtime Reading

By 49thShelf
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"I don't believe in censorship, but" is not a promising start to anything, I know, but I hope you will bear with me. I practice censorship with our family's bedtime reading not for reasons concerning books that raise difficult questions, issues of morality, or hints of darkness (and in fact, these are usually the kind of books I love best), but because I want to enjoy our family's story time just as much as my children do, and because, as one of the two members of our family with the skills to read aloud, I reserve the right to refuse to read any book I don't like. Or at least the right not to read it more than once... Because reading together should be good for everyone. And because a parent or caregiver who genuinely loves the books she is reading is going to do a far more convincing job of both conveying the pleasures of literacy, and making reading together a priority. So aren't we fortunate then that there are so many great Canadian picture books that I love as much as my children do? At our house, the need for Mother-censorship rarely arises. The following are books that all of us love, books that make our story-times such pleasure, books that we don't even actually read anymore because we each of us know them by heart. These are books that I will never outgrow and I hope my children never do either.
Night Sky Wheel Ride

Night Sky Wheel Ride

by Sheree Fitch
illustrated by Yayo
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: All right, so it is impossible to pick just one Sheree Fitch book. The very best part of reading aloud this second pick is the feel of making your mouth say, "Can you hear the mermaids murmur/ beluga whales sing/ feel the whirling stir/ of every little humming phosphorescent thing?” This is the story of a brother and sister's visit to a carnival, the excitement and frenzy of the action, and the marvellousness of the whole wide world which comes alive with Fitch's magical words and Yayo's dream-like illustrations.
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