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Stone Wallace

A Communications and Broadcasting graduate, Stone Wallace's career ambitions have taken him along many paths: actor, announcer, boxer, celebrity interviewer, advertising copywriter, and creative writing and media instructor. He is also the author of 12 books. While Stone has published stories in other genres, ranging from horror to history, he finds writing Westerns to be the most satisfying. It is a field he has appreciated and embraced since reading the classic stories of Louis L'Amour, whose works provide an escape back to a time when the lands were clean, heroes and villains were clearly defined and values were more straightforward and simple. It is a tradition of storytelling that Stone decided to follow. Denim Ryder is Stone s first Western for AVALON. He has completed his second book Montana Dawn, and is currently at work on future titles for AVALON. Stone currently resides in Winnipeg, Canada with his loving and supportive wife Cindy, who is also an author, as well as storyteller and children's entertainer.

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