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Jules Torti

Jules Torti is the former Editor-in-Chief of Harrowsmith magazine. She has been published in The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, Our Homes, FASHION, Canadian Running and is a columnist for Massage Therapy Canada. After looking at 88 houses and living in a barn for a year, she unexpectedly found her home on the 45th parallel: halfway to the North Pole and better yet, halfway to the equator. She lives with her wife on the Saugeen Peninsula in Lion's Head, Ontario. Torti is the author of Free to a Good Home: With Room for Improvement (Caitlin Press) and Trail Mix: 920 km on the Camino de Santiago (Rocky Mountain Books). Despite outward appearances and an affection for kale and 12-grain things, she still believes that strawberry Pop-Tarts make for a well-balanced meal (and day).

Books by Jules Torti