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Pure Baseball

Pure Baseball

The Carl Jaxsom Legend
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Some folks said that God made the world’s greatest pitcher, in the form of Satchel Paige, to offset the fact that he had first created baseball’s greatest hitter, present in the ghost of one Carl Jaxsom. Growing up, I heard the astounding tales of Jaxsom so many times that they feel like a part of my DNA. The idea that the man retired batting one thousand. “That’s incredible, ridiculous, unfounded,” you will say. Just to hit a pitch is the most difficult action to perform in sports by repute. Men have played whole careers and professed never to have completely mastered the task. Ted Williams, one of a handful to have hit .400 for a season’s efforts, famously said, “Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer.” Three-for-ten or four-for-ten, a feat within reach for a mortal man, but a perfect ten, a daydream at best. Although I understand your immediate pangs of disbelief, I say before you now to hold your judgment until my testimony is complete; facts and evidence presented. Listen and I will tell you the story of a man so skilled as a batsman that he could hit any pitch within range, and hit it clean. But the game that Jaxsom loved did not love him in return, too young at a violent time, not ready for a master’s touch…

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