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David Stymeist

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The Bone Weir

The Bone Weir

by David Stymeist
edited by Micheline Maylor
cover design or artwork by Tim Nokes
designed by Neil Petrunia
tagged : canadian
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Pinhole Man 




At Pinhole Cave, another grotto pun:


a crook-backed man with erect penis 


scrimshawed haphazardly onto 


the side of a thick slab of rib – 


the hard bone mammalian armour, 


now playfully turned to an après dine 


canvas where in thin cartoonish lines 


a lone dancer carouses in his mask. 


Our liminal Adam, first root and seed, 


and all that untimely, unimagined woe 


to the woolly, hairy beasts of field.

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