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David Breen Seymour

At 28 years of age, David Seymour represents a demographic of young professionals who are inheriting the legacy of the Baby Boomer generation, and are beginning to voice their ideas and concerns, taking ownership of their collective future. David directs the Saskatchewan office of Canada’s Frontier Centre for Public Policy. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Philosophy from the University of Auckland, where he also tutored Economics. After working as an engineer in New Zealand, he is applying his passion for sound policy analysis to policy issues on the Canadian Prairies. In four years with the Frontier Centre, David has carried out extensive media work, presenting policy analysis through local and national television, newspapers, and radio. His policy columns have been published in newspapers in every province as well as the Globe and Mail and the National Post. David has penned policy research papers on telecommunications privatization, education, environmental policy, fiscal policy, poverty, and taxi deregulation. His major project with the Frontier Centre is the annual Local Government Performance Index (LGPI). The inaugural LGPI was released in November 2007 and comes at a time when municipal accounting standards in Canada must improve if the municipal government sector is to reach its potential as an economic growth engine for Canada. Golden Age is his first book.

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