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Mark Schacter is a Fifth House Books author.

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Sweet Seas

Sweet Seas

Portraits of the Great Lakes
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From the Introduction by Mark Schacter:
"The story of the Great Lakes has been written by two irresistible forces. First came the gigantic sheets of ice from the lst ice age that created the Lakes. Then came industrial-age man with ambition, short-sightedness, greed, technology and engineering prowess that have come close to destroying the Lakes, and have certainly altered them in ways that are irreversible. My interest was in the latter irresistible force, and so my photographic eye was focused mostly on man's interaction with the Lakes. You will find few images in this collection where there is no direct or indirect sign of human presence. Indeed it is difficult to escape the human imprint as you travel around the Great Lakes. This is no surprise: the region has been North America's industrial heartland for well over a century.

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