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Joe Ollmann

Joe Ollmann lives in Hamilton, the Riviera of Southern Ontario. He is the winner of the Doug Wright Award for Best Book in 2007 and loser of the same award many other times. Author of 7 books, Chewing On Tinfoil (Insomniac, 2001), The Big Book of Wag! (Conundrum, 2006), This Will All End in Tears (Insomniac, 2006, Winner of the 2007 Doug Wright Award for best book), Mid-Life! (Drawn and Quarterly, 2011), Science Fiction (Conundrum, 2013), Happy stories About Well-Adjusted People (Conundrum, 2014) and The Abominable Mr. Seabrook (Drawn and Quarterly, 2017). CBC Radio has said of him "Joe Ollmann is to graphic novels what Alice Munro is to fiction: a master of the short story form."

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