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Ghaida Moussa

Ghaida Moussa is a scholar, educator, and dj, who is passionately drawn to creative articulations of resistance, identity, memory, and space. She holds a bi-disciplinary Master’s degree in International Development and Global Studies, and Women’s Studies from the University of Ottawa. Her Master’s thesis, Narrative (sub)Versions: How Queer Palestinian Womyn ‘Queer’ Palestinian Identity, focused on narrative and creative resistance by queer Palestinian womyn in response to national, colonial, and neocolonial mainstream oppressive discourses. She is currently undertaking her Ph.D in Social and Political Thought at York University in Toronto, Canada. The past couple of years, she has been devoted to translating anti-colonial notions onto dance floors, thinking through 'home' in the cracks between anchored locations and collective memory, and practicing pedagogy from the heart in the classroom and in alternate spaces of education. 

Books by Ghaida Moussa