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This is a book about airplanes and towns, about geography, and geometry. Taking as its inciting incident the 1998 crash of SwissAir Flight 111 off the coast of the author's native Nova Scotia, Jacob McArthur Mooney's second collection of poetry considers the structure of communities dominated by single ideas, single industries, and single events. Moving from the rural settings of the opening poems, through to the suburban clatter of the immigrant settlements around Toronto's Pearson International Airport, the book considers the human quest for "home" in all its forms — spiritual, cognitive, and physical — with the anarchic linguistic sense, subversive wit, stunning psychological acuity, and honest emotion that have garnered this young writer much well-deserved attention and praise.

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A Guide to Enjambment

woke up and the girls who
lived across the street were
pretending to be cowboys. They had
two sticks with horse heads affixed to
the ends, they were galloping down
the one-lane laughing, experts at improbably mapping
a four-legged system’s
in bipedal half-time. I
heard of drummers that can work
like that, one arm banging out two-four and the other, three-eight on the same kit. It’s
easy to see how
the act of expression
from an awkward
step, the point where
chaos becomes
chance, becomes
order, becomes

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