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Mary Maxwell

Mary Maxwell has published articles, short fiction, opinion pieces and poems. She has worked as a registered nurse for 40 years, and has degrees in English and extensive study in grief counselling. She has one previous poetry book: Arrangements (Hag Papers). Her work has appeared in the anthologies, Eating Apples: Knowing Womens’ Lives, Chicken and Fingers (NeWest Press 1994), Work and Leisure: Chicken and Fingers (McGraw Hill Ryerson 1995), Running Barefoot: Women Write the Land, Cut Stalks in Her Arms (Rowan Books 2001); Health Issues 8: Chicken and Fingers (McGraw Hill Ryerson 2002); Listening with the Ear of the Heart, A Wise Heart (St Peter’s Press 2003), and in Grain Magazine, NeWest Review, CV2, and Descant.

Books by this Author
Wind Leaves Absence

You had a horse, didn’t you Dad?
Yes, Sandy. He saved my life.


I hand him a pencil, a piece of paper.
He holds it in his left hand
as if it’s another finger
as if it’s always been there
holds it with such intention and purpose--
pulls the lead in one diagonal line.


From all the times he’s drawn this line
I know it’s Sandy’s neck.


He puts the pencil down, looks at me,
doesn’t know what
the next line should be.

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