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Clyde Manswell

Clyde Manswell, M.D., F.R.C.P.(C), IWCC lives in Winnipeg, MB. Clyde Manswell immigrated to Canada from Trinidad in 1957 to attend university, receiving his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Manitoba in 1961. After receiving his md degree in 1972 from the University of Ghent in Belgium, where he convocated with honours while studying in the Dutch language, Dr. Manswell returned to Canada and received his FRCP(C), Psychiatry Specialist Certificate at the University of Manitoba in 1978.


During the course of his 30-year practice, he gained a lot of experience and knowledge of people, and decided to begin writing some of it down after retirement. Dr. Manswell's first book, The Pledge: Challenges of the Pledge Between a Mother & Son, is an autobiography for which he receiveda plaque from the Nalis Library Organization in Trinidad on May 4, 2011. Published in 2010, The Pledge is a spiritual autobiography; making a pledge is important in developing perseverance, a skill Dr. Manswell had to exerciseduring his many years of studies and work.He is also the author of It Takes 2 to Tango, Maybe 3: a Serendipitous Discovery in the Treatment of VLT Gambling Addiction

Books by Clyde Manswell