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Ghadeer Malek

Ghadeer Malek is a Palestinian feminist activist, aspiring writer and spoken word poet. She immigrated to Toronto in 2003 to study at the University of Toronto where she was active in student movements in support of Palestinian human rights and justice. She graduated with a BA in History and Middle Eastern studies after which she joined the Association of Women's Right in Development (AWID) as part of the Young Feminist Activism (YFA) program. Ghadeer is also involved with AQSAZine, an art collective of young progressive and critical Muslim women passionate about combating gender-based violence through art. Ghadeer's poetry has been published in Feminism FOR REAL and Shameless Magazine. Co-editor Ghaida Moussa holds a bi-disciplinary Master's degree in International Development and Global Studies, and Women's Studies from the University of Ottawa. Her works has thus far focused on themes such as identity, community, belonging, queer and/or feminist postcolonial theory, and resistance. She plans to pursue the exploration of these themes at a doctoral level in York University's Social and Political Thought program. She currently lives in Gatineau, Quebec.

Books by Ghadeer Malek