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Ed Macdonald

Ed Macdonald is an actor, playwright, and novelist. As an actor, he has appeared on various stages and in TV shows, including Trailer Park Boys, Lexx, and Hatching Matching and Dispatching. He was frequently a guest on Open Book with Mary Walsh. His first on-camera role was in Daniel Petrie's The Bay Boy. His first novel, Spat the Dummy, was published by Anvil Press in 2010.

His play Gemini opened at the 78th Street Theatre Lab and received great reviews, including a rave from the Village Voice. The play was then re-mounted by NBC for a run in their PSNBC space. Mutant Sex Party, The Escape Artist, Erratica, Hot Meat, and Titus Lucretius Carus have all been produced by the New York production house The Drilling Company. Titus Lucretius Carus was recently nominated for the New York Innovative Theatre Award. Born and raised in Cape Breton Island, Ed now lives in Toronto.

Books by Ed Macdonald