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Joanna Lilley has lived north of the 60th parallel in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, since she emigrated from the UK in 2006. Her poetry collection, The Fleece Era, was published by Brick Books in 2014 and her short fiction collection, The Birthday Books, will be published by Hagios Press in their Strike Fire New Author Series in 2015. Joanna's poems and stories have been published in journals and anthologies in Canada, the US and the UK, including The Malahat Review, The New Quarterly, Grain, The Fiddlehead and The Antigonish Review. Her awards include first prize in the 2005 Lothian Life poetry contest and first prize in the 2004 Worldwise regional creative writing competition. Joanna has a MLitt degree in creative writing from the universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde and is a Humber School for Writers graduate. In 2011 and 2013, she received Advanced Artist Awards from the Government of Yukon. With diplomas in plain language editing and journalism, Joanna earns her living as a public sector communications professional.

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There will come a time
when there are only two humans
left in the world and they will be dead.
You, perhaps, and me.
We will have been shot and carefully
cleaned. We will be skinned.
All our creases and tears
emptied of viscera.
Our surfaces salted, sulphured,
potassium carbonated.
We will be mounted, glassed
in separate collections as far apart
as London and Lincolnshire.
No one will remember to write down
where we came from.
One of us will be misplaced.
There will be only one human skin
left in the world and it will be yours.
Many won’t believe you are a unique species.
They will think you are a juvenile
of an existing genus.
Or a deviation.
You will be taken to the World Museum
in Liverpool. You won’t have been
to Liverpool before.
You will never leave.
Your legs, removed for stuffing,
will be put back on
the wrong way round.
Someone will paint your glass eyes red
because they heard
that was the colour your eyes once were.
After two hundred years
there will be tests.
Three short DNA sequences
on the mitochondrial 12S gene
will prove you are a distinct species,
a specimen, moreover,
of the legendary Homo sapiens
from the Plastitronic age,
alleged architect of annihilation.

—Spotted green pigeon

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The Fleece Era

The Fleece Era

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Worry Stones

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