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Jay Conrad Levinson is the author of the best-selling marketing series in history, “Guerrilla Marketing”, plus 57 other business books. His books have sold 20 million copies worldwide. And his guerrilla concepts have influenced marketing so much that his books appear in 60 languages and are required reading in MBA programs worldwide. Jay taught guerrilla marketing for 10 years at the extension division of the University of California in Berkeley. He was a practitioner of it in the United States---as Senior VP at J.Walter Thompson, and in Europe, as Creative Director of Leo Burnett Advertising. He has been part of the creative teams that made household names of many of the most famous brands in history including: The Marlboro Man and The Pilsbury Doughboy. Jay sadly passed away on October 10, 2013 and was the Chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International and the Guerrilla Marketing Association. He transformed so many lives and businesses as the Father of Guerrilla Marketing.

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Guerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisors

Guerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisors

Transforming Financial Professionals through Practice Management
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You don’t need to be a mechanic to know the effects of a car not firing on all six cylinders. If one cylinder is not working to the best of its ability and it is completely blown, then what happens to the car? How does this affect the gas mileage and horsepower and performance? What type of confidence does it give the driver when they need to pass someone? I will discuss the six steps or cylinders as it relates to getting the maximum horsepower out of your practice.


This book is written for the dedicated financial advisor who is developing his or her career and has the desire to go to THE NEXT LEVEL. The next level, however, needs to be defined.


Running a growing practice for twenty years, I wish I had had the time to learn all about these great practice management processes. The challenge for me was always finding time to work on my business, not in the business. It hit me on a quiet Saturday when my wife stormed into my office and said, “Get in the car, we need to change things today.” I was working long hours for too long and I was well past capacity in my practice. I got in the car and asked her, “Where are we going?” She drove silently for a few minutes and drove up to a house that I did not recognize. “What are we doing here,” I asked? She replied, “See that camper for sale in the driveway? We are buying it and taking the kids camping so you can stop working the way you are.” She was right. It took my wife to see what I could not see, and realize that I was well past my ideal capacity. It was a major blind spot in my business and my life.


I have dedicated this book to my wife Kim and my kids with whom I had a great time camping with that summer and many more. I want to help advisors identify their potential blind spots and capacity issues that it took my wife to discover. I call it capacity practice management, and will share all the research and numbers until the cows come home to prove to you that it works for top advisors and can work for you in your practice. I’ll start by illustrating a great study done in the United States by Think advisor, pursuing practice excellence.


The study results are interesting, as advisors measure client satisfaction very high, yet a majority do not have a formal feedback system to measure client satisfaction. In a later chapter, I will address the client satisfaction issue by helping you implement a formal feedback system into your practice. Who is training you on practice management?


When we got into the financial services business, there was no school of practice management. How do you learn about the key processes that successful advisors have? Let the pages ahead of you guide you toward finding the key processes, so you can reach your practice goals. The financial industry realized that it is very expensive to train advisors. We want this book to be a solid investment into your practice. This book is a guide to key practice management processes. I highly recommend that you work through this with another advisor, which will help you get the most out of it. Together you can bring the pages to life with dialogue. It is the dialogue that helps advisors implement strategies. Just reading this and putting it on the shelf will not help you get the most out of this material. Our aim here is to build key practice management processes into your business. Challenge the processes and add dialogue and you will find that the ideas become transforming for you, and the person you discuss them with. Consider a manager, mentor, coach wholesaler or associate, someone to give you feedback and healthy discussion. This book will add value to your business, make you think of practice management and marketing, and help you develop great relationships. Relationships with your clients, their friends, and their families that will last decades.


Map it out. It is like going on a long road trip. Would you drive across country without first trying to determine the most efficient route (of course these days you could just use your GPS app)? However, this is no ordinary road trip. This trip is going to last for the next 5 to 10 years or more. You need all six cylinders of your car (or business) to be firing to get the maximum performance on this trip!


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