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Nayoung Jin

Originally from Jeju Island, Korea, Nayoung Jin now studies Creative Writing (BFA) at the university of British Columbia in Vancouver. She loves leading story times for toddlers at a nearby community center and wishes that she could ride shooting stars someday. Shooting Star Rider is her first book.

Books by this Author

From Shooting Star Rider by Nayoung Jin, will illustrations by Geneviève Côté:

One warm summer night, a shower of shooting stars swept across the sky. Elinor looked out of her window and made a wish.

"Make grandpa well."

And she waited. And waited. And waited.

Then one morning, Elinor found a postcard on her windowsill.

It read:

Dear Shooting Star Wisher on Earth,

Please don't wait for miracles from shooting stars anymore.

A Shooting Star

"How could this be?" shouted Elinor.

Elinor wasn't ready to give up. She ran to the beach with a kite and flew up to the sky, then into outer space, passing by the moon...

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