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The Wig Warrior

The Wig Warrior

by MIa Girard
illustrated by Lysanne Martin
edited by Vicki Fraser
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When I Am Older

Here is an sample of what our authors had to share:

"When I am older, I want to be a great dad, like the one I always wanted." – Malik-Aja Merisier

"When I am older, I see myself as a famous hockey player." – Corey Horwood

"When I am older, I see myself being very rich and living in a mansion. I see myself walking the red carpet for my movie premiere; my fans cheering for me and looking at me." - Meyghan Goodman

"When I am older, I’ll see people I love go their separate ways." – Stephanie Cucuzzella

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When I Think of the Alphabet


When I think of the letter A, I think of amazing, ambitious, aspiring artists. I think of awful angry, ackward aliens. Ithink of addition, Africa, airplanes, androids, animals, Antarctica, ants, apartments, apples, aquariums, astronauts, and Australia.

by Alexandra Asprakis

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