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Ronald Caissie

Ronald Caissie Earning a reputation as a trusted advisor, counselor and mediator to parents, families and to the military, Ronald’s passion for helping children arose from a situation he witnessed in a traumatic event during his military service overseas After his service to his country, Ronald joined his partner, a physiotherapist, to form a disability management company that focused on physical and psychological effects of trauma on the livelihood of victims. They both facilitated a high return to work ratio and got the people back into the workplace and grew their company to over 30 offices. Later, Ronald returned to private practice to pursue his love in helping people come to a compromising agreement, all in the best interest of their children. Through the connection in the military and his upbringing, Ron has a BA, BSW, MEd in counseling and a PhD. He has also completed numerous courses in family and workplace mediation. He always has wanted the very best for his clients and especially the children as he truly values life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Through his work in his company, Ultimate Progress Mediation & Counselling his goal is to facilitate the best outcome for all. Usually it involves a child or children in the middle so the parents, by focusing on the child instead of on their argument, take the focus away of themselves and unravel their challenges in the process. Ronald endeavors to save his clients time, money and sanity during separation and relationship breakdowns helping people come to mutual agreements and leave on a positive note.

Books by Ronald Caissie