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Carla Braidek

Carla Braidek lives and writes in the boreal forest near Big River, Saskatchewan. Her book Carrying The Sun (Thistledown, 2005) was short-listed for the Saskatchewan Book Award for poetry. Her work is also published in her chapbook Quickening, the Hagios Press anthology New Saskatchewan Poets, and various literary magazines. In 2010 Carla had the good fortune to attend Emma, an international artists’ collaboration. Her poetry was included in the full-length documentary, Unplugged - Emma 2010 Collaboration, that was filmed during that time. Carla has taught in classrooms from grade 1 to 12, as well as outdoors, in libraries, and on city streets. She was both a guest speaker and a facilitator for the Sage Hill Teen Writing Experience. Recently she is exploring the world by way of the personal essay.

Books by this Author
A Map in My Blood

flames corralled within this pit  lick
rocks like blackbirds flicker reeds
silhouettes dance the once bright beach
pluck stars to throw on sand with
the randomness of raindrops sparking slate
quick bare feet avoid the sting


young throats yip           
coyote pups on the ridge
beckon the moon as feet slap boards
stretched to the drowning sun
leap into rippled silver


damp air lays its fingers on shoulders
run to stand by the jackpine fire
wrap skinny arms about your chest
wet hair snakes a cheek as you grin        
an ember in ash     prepared
to hurl yourself through dark

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