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trey anthony

trey anthony is the playwright of 'da Kink in my hair. She is also the co-creator and co-producer of the television drama Kink in my hair, based loosely on the play which aired on Vision Television and Global TV. trey is a published playwright and her work has been seen in numerous publications. trey is a former television producer for The Womenâ??s Television Network, WTN, and has written for the Comedy Network and CTV and worked on The Chris Rock Show (HBO). She is also the executive producer of Canadaâ??s Urban Womynâ??s Comedy Festival, 'dat girl sho is funny! The festival is an annual sold-out event and features women of colour comediennes. She is a 2002 Canadian Comedy Award nominee and in 2004 she was nominated for a Dora. She is busy working on her first screenplay, a hip hop love story and the sequel to 'da Kink in my hair. In her spare time she enjoys pushing boundaries, questioning and redefining â??the rules,â?? creating safe spaces for womyn, and giving â??Voiceâ?? to those not often heard.

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