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Susan Alexander

Susan Alexander is the winner of the 2016 Short Grain poetry prize and the 2015 Vancouver Writers’ Festival Contest. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in SubTerrain, Arc, CV2, Grain, Room, The Antigonish Review, and PRISM international. She is a regular at Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane’s poetry retreats. For inspiration, Alexander writes from eclectic experiences — as a chambermaid, CBC Radio journalist, stay-at-home mother, waitress, lay preacher, and associate at a boutique investment firm, as well as from her family history and passions. She is an associate member of the League of Canadian Poets

Books by this Author
Nothing You Can Carry



Every flower


that opens is a hosanna


a prayer heard


that only needs


be answered






prayer is not asking


not supplication


prayer is dwelling


in the rapture


common as weeds


swarming so close


upon us




beyond the fear of being




by wonder


you are carried


deep within


to the fuse


that made you


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The Dance Floor Tilts

From “Grief”


That was the winter the tide rose
so high the house and cedars
went underwater. The little light left
was green. It was hard to move,
every step a push against sea water.
When I climbed into the car
to drive to higher ground
the steering wheel was gone,
an octopus in its place.
I couldn’t see out
the window for tentacles.


From “Moon Over Mathews Range, Kenya”


O in this life bless us with the camel’s foot and eye.
May we walk over the shifting surface of things
and not sink. The long lashes and that clear inner eyelid
to protect our sight yet let in light to see.

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