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Linda Aksomitis

Linda Aksomitis was born on the praries, and she`s always had a wanderlust that only travel can satisfy. Both her career, which has spanned 35+ paying jobs, and hobbies, have always incorporated some form of discovery. Now that Linda is a full time writer and writing instructor she`s finally doing the job she aways wanted.

Linda`s first memories of fishing are at the side of her grandmother, who was an avid sports woman, while her most recent fish stories include pulling a 45cm (18m) shark form the gulf of Mexico. She`s driven ATV`s and ridden horseback in places from Saskatchewan to Maine and Kentucky. In addition to hitting the snowmobile trails she spent a decade with her husband on professional snowmobile racetracks through North America. A photographer as well as a writer, it was Linda`s photos of her adventures on her Internet site that started her relationship with Backroad Mapbooks. She`s found exploring what`s in her own backyard one of the most rewarding writing projects of her career.

As well as completing her Master of Vocational/Technical Education at the University of Regina. Linda has published ten books in addition to the Mapbooks for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. These include everything from nonfiction to adult short stories to children`s fiction and picture books. In addition she has also been published on radio, in periodicals,and on the web.

Books by Linda Aksomitis