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Fiction Contemporary Women

Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend

by (author) Sabrina Zollo

Central Avenue Publishing
Initial publish date
Oct 2012
Contemporary Women
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Oct 2012
    List Price
    $11.95 USD

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When Veronica graduated with an MBA and dreams of saving the world, she never knew she would end up a corporate slave to the lipstick gods, in love with her playboy boss and in need of a gay best friend to make her feel fabulous. Straight out of school, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Veronica has her heart set on an honourable job, such as saving starving children. Instead, she accepts a job at Gisele, a global cosmetic empire that seems to mock her every value. Veronica struggles to fit in until she meets Stevie, a gay co-worker, who immediately assumes the role of fashion counsellor and fabulousness.

Under Stevie’s mentorship, Veronica flourishes as a vixen and marketing peon. But for Veronica to truly succeed at Gisele and seduce her boss, she must bequeath her soul to the makeup gods and sacrifice her friends in a ritual known as corporate brainwash. How far does Veronica go before she realizes she is losing everything she once valued, including herself?

About the author

Contributor Notes

Sabrina Zollo is a marketer and author who lives in Toronto, Canada. She has been compulsively writing stories since childhood. She graduated with an MBA from York University and has worked in brand management for almost ten years. Sabrina is a consummate lover of Pinot Grigio, dark chocolate, shoes and spin class.

Excerpt: Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend (by (author) Sabrina Zollo)

My decision to accept a job at Gisele, a global cosmetics empire, was easy. Lack of options and desperation lead to swift decision-making.

After my first week of work, my three best friends took me out to our favourite pub, The Betty Ford Clinic, as consolation, rather than celebration. While settling didn’t deserve a fist bump, it certainly served as a valid reason to drink excessively.

“Cheers to selling your soul!” A mixture of beer bottles and glasses clinked together in honour of my future at Gisele.

“Hopefully I’ll just be selling makeup and not any souls,” I replied after taking a generous sip of my gin and tonic.

“Gisele is a great resume builder,” Calista said to offset Jackie’s charming proclamation of the demise of my soul. Calista is doing her PhD in Economics and will soon rule the world. She is very brilliant and the sweetest person I know, after my mom. “Two years at Gisele and Amnesty International will be begging you to come work for them.”

Amnesty International was my first and only choice after graduating with an MBA. Gisele was on my Top 5, as in Top 5 companies I would only consider if desperate.

“I expect a lot of free makeup.” It never fails to surprise me how successful Jackie is at getting what she wants just by asking for it. The one thing that she never has to ask for is a date. She has dated and dumped half of Toronto. Life is good for Jackie. “And I can teach you how to put it on,” she offered.

“I think it’s so funny that you got the job and you never wear make-up.” Lindsay, my most practical friend, never wears makeup. She works in environmental management for the city but isn’t the granola tree-hugging type. She’s refreshingly down to earth and actually believes in love.

In my eyes, my three best friends, Jackie, Calista and Lindsay, were wise old souls. They had been building their careers and lives for the past two years while I was trying to figure out my life’s calling at grad school. The frustrating thing about a life’s calling is that it’s not prone to fall into one’s lap. A life’s calling would be so much easier if it didn’t play hard to get.

“So what are the people like?” Lindsay asked.

“I don’t know why but they all hate me. How could they hate me so much before they even know me?” This bothered me more than I liked to admit. I was still young and naïve enough to believe that my self-worth was determined by my popularity. “There’s also something very strange about them. I don’t know, maybe I’m being too harsh but they seem almost...dishonourable. I don’t trust them.”

“But most importantly, is your boss hot?” Jackie interjected.

Editorial Reviews

"Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend has many laugh out loud moments, it's quick paced and I really enjoyed the character dynamics between Veronica and Steve… Zollo is a gifted writer and I look forward to what she writes next. A humorous chic-lit story that I'll be recommending to my friends!" Minding Spot

"Sabrina Zollo captivates with her corporate world of cosmetology and the fashionistas who strive to own the beauty crown. I enjoyed how we followed Veronica fresh from gaining her new MBA with dreams of goodwill and how easily she succumbs to the lure of the shiny, sparkly aesthetic industry." Night Owl Reviews