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Body, Mind & Spirit Magick Studies

Visual Alchemy

A Witch's Guide to Sigils, Art & Magic

by (author) Laura Tempest Zakroff

foreword by Nick Bantock

Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Initial publish date
Oct 2022
Magick Studies, Witchcraft & Wicca
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Oct 2022
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Discover the Power Where Art and Magic Meet

A follow-up to the bestseller Sigil Witchery, Visual Alchemy takes a deeper look at the extraordinary connection between art and magic. Laura Tempest Zakroff expands on her signature sigil witchery method, an accessible and intuitive approach to crafting effective sigils. She covers numerous topics, including how to connect to the artist within, draw inspiration to you, and easily incorporate art into your ritual practice. Visual Alchemy presents art magic in two parts: create and collaborate. You'll start with techniques for optimizing your creativity, such as crafting a personal symbolic language and solving problems with design concepts. You'll then explore magic that connects you with others, from sharing sigils to making public art. Featuring more than fifty shared magic sigils, this book empowers you to put aside fear and unleash the full potential of your imagination.

About the authors

Laura Tempest Zakroff is a professional artist, author, dancer, designer, and Modern Traditional Witch. She holds a BFA from RISD (The Rhode Island School of Design) and her myth-inspired artwork has received awards and honors worldwide. Laura blogs for Patheos as "A Modern Traditional Witch," for Witches & Pagans magazine as "Fine Art Witchery," and contributes to The Witches' Almanac. She is the author of the bestselling book Sigil Witchery: A Witch's Guide to Crafting Magick Symbols, as well as The Witch's Cauldron: The Craft, Lore & Magick of Ritual Vessels, and The Witch's Altar (co-authored with Jason Mankey). Weave the Liminal: Living Modern Traditional Witchcraft is her fourth book.

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Editorial Reviews

"Zakroff empowers us to craft the key to the artful doors within us that we didn't even know existed, and she encourages the reader through various exercises and practices to move past our fears and...create something that is wholly, uniquely ours alone...Laura adeptly guides us, with her signature cleverness and compassion, wit and wisdom."—S. Elizabeth, author of The Art of the Occult
"Not only does Visual Alchemy build upon previous works, but it offers confidence-building instructions on the use and creation of art from a multifaceted perspective that includes everything from pure expression to how it becomes an act of magic...Visual Alchemy is for everyone!"—Christopher Orapello, podcaster, artist, witch, and coauthor of Besom, Stang, & Sword
"Visual Alchemy insightfully describes the processes and principles of magical art, sweeping away self-doubt and making the intersection of art and witchcraft accessible to anyone. Whether you are starting today or started ninety years ago, LTZ inclusively shows you how to make your process and practice of artful witchcraft work for you."—Sidney Eileen, witch, artist, and blogger
"Laura takes art from something you do in support of your magical path to act of magic in and of itself. With suggestions on different practices to add to your art making and advice on how to turn art making into its own ritual, this the perfect book for anyone that wants to make art magical."—Vovin Lonshin, author and designer of The Book of Dream Names sigil oracle and creator of Sonick Sigil Music

??"Visual Witchery builds on the basics that Zakroff introduced us to in Sigil Witchery, in a concise and entertaining way...This is a welcome book which provides clear, concise suggestions and prompts on how to include more art and detail into the everyday magic."—Ralph Victoria Young, host of Holle's Haven: The Urglaawisch Podcast??

"Visual Alchemy provides the opportunity to create your own unique set of keys to unlock your magical and creative abilities, and access magic in the world around you. What I love most about this book is it teaches how to open up your intuition visually, with practical exercises and a good sense of humor...There are concepts for makers and witches of every sort."—Beth Hansen, visionary artist at
"Tempest casts a spell on us with her words and wisdom, incites inspiration and teaches us that magick can be found in even the most mundane of places. She shows us the crossroads where art and magick meet, and that no matter what artistic medium is used, it can manifest our ideas into reality."—Jessica Anderson, creatrix at Thorn & Moon
"Visual Alchemy weaves your style of art, your innate magic, and intuition to help you create a beautiful symphony of your creations to use every day...Laura's teaching style is modern, easy to understand, and gives you the confidence needed to brew up your own magical system."—Jen Sankey, author of Enchanted Forest Felines Tarot and Stardust Wanderer Tarot

"Zakroff joyfully shares the way art and witchcraft can be combined for spells that make your heart sing...You'll find a ton of totally inspiring ideas, how-tos, and solid magic spells in this new and exciting book."—Madame Pamita, author of Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft and The Book of Candle Magic

"A comprehensive system for discovering the intersection between magic and art...Zakroff's method for creating sigils is clearly explained, step by step, equipping you with the confidence and knowledge to create your own sacred art."—Dodie Graham McKay, filmmaker and author of Earth Magic

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