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list price: $16.95
also available: Hardcover Paperback
category: Fiction
published: Jul 2011

The O'Briens

by Peter Behrens

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literary, historical, sagas
0 of 5
0 ratings
list price: $16.95
also available: Hardcover Paperback
category: Fiction
published: Jul 2011

The O'Briens follows the family from The Law of Dreams two generations later: Joe O'Brien is coming of age in a new century in remote Pontiac County, Quebec, with his brothers and sisters by his side.

Their father has abandoned the family and died in the South African war; their frail mother has remarried the abusive and lecherous Mick Heaney. Joe and his siblings escape the poverty and violence of the Pontiac, but as Joe travels the continent, building an empire and a bright young family with his wife, Iseult, he is never quite able to leave his past behind.

Told from the perspectives of Joe, Iseult, and their children and spanning the construction of the Canadian railroad as well as both world wars, this novel mirrors the scope and sweep of what Wilfrid Laurier calls "Canada's Century." Tragic, romantic, and as vivid as the novel that preceded it, The O'Briens is an epic of great heart, imagination, and narrative force.

About the Author
Peter Behrens is a novelist and short-story writer who won the 2006 Governor General's Award for fiction. He lives in Maine, USA. Visit Peter Behrens' website: http://www.peterbehrens.org Visit Peter Behrens' blog: http://www.autoliterate.blogspot.com/ Follow Peter Behrens on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/phbehrens
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  • Commended, New York Times Editors' Choice
Editorial Reviews

"Peter Behrens is a master of the art of storytelling."

— Chalk the Sun Blog

Illuminating ... an epic along the lines of Middlesex in the way it follows a family through time and examines the results of their actions ... A brooding novel, engrossing in its scope and detail, The O’Briens keeps sight of the family’s personal stories amid the larger history of much of the twentieth century.

— Booklist

For sheer reading satisfaction, The O'Briens is a treat waiting for everyone who read and enjoyed The Law of Dreams.

— Owen Sound Sun Times

. . . tragic and warm . . . lush with Canadian history . . .

— The Coast

Time and time again, Behrens proves himself a first-rate seanchaí, the Irish term for a storyteller, by bringing the O’Brien clan to life on the page.

— Washington Post

Behrens' fine writing moves readers from one decade to the next, and we become more attached to each of the characters with each passing year . . . a sweeping Canadian saga that will carry readers along.

— Vancouver Sun

[The O'Briens] is impressive in its scope and ambitious in its goals. Behrens's writing is always tight, and some of his descriptions are flat-out jaw-dropping.

— Globe and Mail

A truly wonderful writer who will no doubt be dominating the literary award nomination lists this fall.

— Montreal Gazette

. . . a distinctly 20th-century -- and decidedly Canadian -- family epic . . . pitch-perfect.

— National Post

. . . Behrens does an excellent job of exposing the particulars of life . . . extremely moving . . .

— Edmonton Journal

. . . a forward-looking novel . . . you want to turn the pages because the people become so real . . . but underlying the story is a nuance of tragedy and old sadness.

— Kitchener-Waterloo Record

The O'Briens is a major accomplishment.

— New York Times

... Behrens deliver[s] beautifully ... thrilling and poignant.

— Montreal Review of Books

Brimming with complex and nuanced characters, Behrens's second novel lives up to the expectations set by his award-winning debut.

— Winnipeg Free Press

Moments of grace and romance are rocked by cruel words and violence in this epic, a piece of rough beauty itself.

— Publishers Weekly


— Vogue

"Behrens is a beautiful writer ... this is a novel whose vision affirms life in the very best ways."

— The Arts Fuse

[The O'Briens] immerses readers in a river of narrative that seems less like fiction than lived experience ... striking and heartfelt ...

— Daily Beast

... fine storytelling ...

— Seattle Times

Behren's characters are painfully real . . . the battle of the O'Brien family is as legendary and epic as any war.

— Telegraph-Journal

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