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list price: $18.95
also available: eBook
published: Sep 2015
publisher: Owlkids Books Inc.

The Art of the Possible

An Everyday Guide to Politics

by Edward Keenan, illustrated by Julie McLaughlin

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politics & government, customs, traditions, anthropology
0 of 5
0 ratings
list price: $18.95
also available: eBook
published: Sep 2015
publisher: Owlkids Books Inc.

We all know what a politician looks like, right? They’re old people who wear suits and make long, boring speeches full of indecipherable words. Not so fast! As The Art of the Possible explains, everyone is a politician — even young people who aren’t yet eligible to vote. We all have influence over how politics function.

But what are politics, and why do we need them? This book answers the universal query in nine short chapters that explain everything from why we form societies and the basic types of governments to the power of public opinion, methods of rhetoric and the reasons why politicians “lie.”

Written in an accessible, conversational voice and packed with anecdotes and case studies from across history and around the world, this book helps foster independent thought and curiosity about how a government works — or doesn’t work. Readers will come away equipped with the knowledge they need to understand current events and elections, and maybe even be empowered to civic action themselves.

Informational text features: table of contents, chapters, diagrams, sidebars, in-text definitions of key terms, glossary, index and sources

About the Authors
Edward Keenan is a writer working in Toronto, Ontario. An eight-time National Magazine Award finalist, he was a Senior Editor for Eye Weekly and The Grid, and is now a City Politics columnist for The Toronto Star. His first book, Some Great Idea, a study of the political history of Toronto, was published by Coach House Books in 2013. He hosts “The Keenan Wire Radio Program” weekly on CIUT 89.5 FM.
Author profile page >

JULIE MCLAUGHLIN is the Vancouver-based illustrator of the Norma Fleck Award–winning Why We Live Where We Live, and The Art of the Possible: An Everyday Guide to Politics.
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Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
10 to 14
5 to 8
  • Long-listed, Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children's Non-Fiction
  • Short-listed, The Children's Literature Roundtables of Canada 2016 Information Book Award
  • Winner, An OLA Best Bet
Editorial Reviews

"Thanks to accessible content that will resonate with most students...this logical, relevant approach, combined with realistic suggestions on how to get involved, makes for an engaging alternative to standardized texts and just might spark some political careers."

— Booklist

"Succeeds in conveying a topic often not covered at this grade level...a necessary book. Recommended."

— School Library Connection

"An optimistically presented introduction to politics."

— Kirkus Reviews

"The readability, practical examples and illustrations...present this important material in an appealing format for the target audience. Recommended."

— Canadian Review of Materials

"Easy to understand...examples are very concrete. An ideal entry point for youth...may even serve as inspiration for anyone looking to become more involved."

— Resource Links

"A great addition to a school curriculum's study of government."

— The Calgary Herald

"A highly accessible introduction to politics...a useful addition to most collections."

— School Library Journal

"Informative and insightful."

— Waterloo Region Record

"Easy to take to heart, and has the potential to change the way young people see their world."

— Quill & Quire, STARRED REVIEW

"An excellent and indispensable resource."

— Canadian Children's Book News

"A demystifying resource that encourages readers to take interest and take action."

— Publisher's Weekly

Reader Reviews

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