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Fiction Paranormal

Silver Dew

by (author) Suzi Davis

Central Avenue Publishing
Initial publish date
Dec 2011
Paranormal, General, Romance, Wizards & Witches
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Dec 2011
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  • Age: 0 to 18
  • Grade: p to 12


Just weeks before graduating from high school, Grace is running for her life with her magical and mysterious boyfriend, Sebastian, by her side. An ancient magic has been awakened inside of Grace that is powerful, frightening and barely within her control. The Others, who possess their own dangerous magic, are hunting them, and their only hope is for Grace to learn how to harness her incredible powers to stop them. The answers they seek are hidden within a life lived thousands of years ago, shrouded in mystery, magic and deceit. When their past catches up to them, Grace and Sebastian are faced with a truth that shakes the foundation of their relationship, their lives and everything they thought they knew. It is up to Grace to learn to control the Lost Magic, to right the wrongs that have been done, and to discover once and for all, who she really is.

About the author

Excerpt: Silver Dew (by (author) Suzi Davis)

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The icy raindrops fell heavily, splattering against my skull and dripping from my drenched hair. I clenched my teeth together tightly, desperately fighting the chills that trembled through out my body. I pushed the sensations aside in an attempt to detach my mind from my physical self, to withdraw deeper into the quiet depths of my soul. I searched and strained with every last extension of myself for that safe place within, that intangible sanctuary of focus and power.

The wind rose higher, howling in my ears like the painful screams of a child. The rain pounded down on me relentlessly. It soaked through my clothes and into my skin, drowning me from the inside out. My whole body began to tremble and vibrate with chills as with each passing second, I became more aware of the world I was so feebly trying to ignore. I had closed my eyes in an attempt to shut it all out but my lack of vision was only intensifying the sensations around me. Raindrops steadily trickled down my neck, sliding down my spine in an ominous chill.

It was all too much. I was miserable, I was afraid, I was exhausted, and frozen, and wet. A dampness had set into my bones that I felt sure I’d never truly rid myself of. This was torture and there was no reason why it should continue. I had the power to end it – so why didn’t I? My necklace was glowing faintly against my chest, its quiet warmth the only comfort this moment had to offer. Its heat increased with my emotions, and as I became more aware of my miserable surroundings, fiery frustration flickered around my heart.

My eyes snapped open.

I found myself staring directly into his intense, gray-blue eyes. He sat so closely that I could have reached out and touched him – but I didn’t dare. The smirk that had once pulled up the corners of his soft, pink lips had now completely disappeared. There was nothing to lighten the overwhelming strength of his steady, ancient gaze. I immediately recognized my own powerful frustration, magnified and reflected back at me ten-fold in his mysterious eyes. His lips pressed together, his eyes narrowed dangerously, accusingly as they darkened from a light bluish-gray to an intense, thunderous gray that bordered on the edge of black. I fought the instinct to shrink back from him.

I determinedly refused to look away. I would not back down - I would not cower before him. The air in the small space between us seemed to crackle with the intensity of our emotions, the vivid focus of our wills. The only sounds were those of the wind stirring the branches over our heads and the steadily falling drops of rain. Our eyes were locked together, unwavering, unblinking.

Drip, drip, drip.

Editorial Reviews

"I like how the author takes their relationship to a whole new level with a newfound sense of tension. Now that they’ve entered adulthood, they begin to realize that even soul mates can hurt each other and that trust, sacrifice and forgiveness are a necessary part of making a relationship work. It’s a hard lesson that many people never learn, and Ms. Davis takes her characters through this process with grace and humility." —BookWenches

"Suzi Davis writes in such a vivid and descriptive way that you, very often, find yourself feeling like you’re living in the pages of the book. You’re feeling the emotions of Grace and Sebastian and you’re seeing the landscapes and the ancient ruins and it’s all very fascinating and well worth reading!" —Peeking Between the Pages

"As with her first book, Amber Frost, Davis once again does an excellent job of connecting emotionally with her readers. She made me truly care about her characters and had me emotionally invested in their relationships. I love books where the author is willing to take their characters to extremes, making me wonder 'How could this possibly get any worse, and more than that, how can they possibly resolve this happily?' For an author to rip my heart out, tear it into a million pieces, and have me still wanting more? That’s a good book . . . and a good author." —Refracted Light Reviews

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