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Next Stop - Chicago

The 5th Tunnels of Moose Jaw Adventure

by (author) Mary Harelkin Bishop

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Initial publish date
Sep 2007
General, Canada
  • Paperback / softback

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    Sep 2007
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Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels

  • Age: 9 to 18
  • Grade: 4 to 12


When family and friends gather to pay tribute to Grandpa Vance, Andrea and Tony discover that their grandfather’s adventures extended well beyond the city of Moose Jaw. Just when they think their time-travelling days are over, they are given an opportunity to see their grandfather, young and vibrant, in the past. They risk one more trip back in time and find themselves in Chicago at the mercy of Ol’ Scarface. Will they be able to free their grandfather from his past without jeopardizing their future?

About the author

Contributor Notes

Although Mary Harelkin Bishop was born in Michigan and has lived in Saskatoon since 1970, she actually spends most of her time in her imagination. The first time she toured the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, she allowed herself to travel back in time and almost immediately created the characters she now regards as family. This is the fifth novel about time travel and the Moose Jaw tunnels. Mary believes that when young people visit historical places like the Moose Jaw tunnels, they discover first-hand the richness of their own imaginations. She is obviously still in touch with her own inner child.

Excerpt: Next Stop - Chicago: The 5th Tunnels of Moose Jaw Adventure (by (author) Mary Harelkin Bishop)


“Keep still, kid, if you know what’s good for ya.” A voice, hoarse and rasping, whispered int eh darkness.

Vance felt cold steel press against his temple and stood stock-still. Something flashed and a kerosene lantern sputtered to life, its flame sending tepid waves through the darkness. Hideous shadows danced up the walls of the forbidden tunnel and sent a chill of fear down his spine. In the dim light, Vance could just make out the figure of a giant man standing next to the tunnel wall. He was thin and old, one shoulder hunched as if in pain. What did this strange old man want?

“Keep a good eye on him, Sonny. We don’t want him escaping on us.” The old man laughed gruffly.

So there were two of them, Vance surmised, hearing gravel crunch as the second figure stepped out of the shadows. This one looked more like a kid - someone his own age. The other man was much older, his voice vaguely familiar. It tickled Vance’s memory like part of a long-lost dream … or nightmare. Who was he?

“Get movin’,” the old man demanded. Vance felt the pressure of the gun in his back…

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