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by (author) Marlene Frere

Grey Goose Press Inc.
Initial publish date
Nov 2023
General, Dark Fantasy
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Nov 2023
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Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels

  • Age: 15 to 18
  • Grade: 10 to 12


The world of Claresholm, Alberta, was a relatively quiet one. Children played, adults worked, lives continued day by day through holidays, birthdays, celebrations, as they would in any other small town. In Claresholm, life ebbed and flowed in the usual way but also with an unusual and unique vibe. Some swore it was the mix of country old with urban new in a town that was far enough from the big city to maintain its own identity and the slower pace that came with it. It was also close enough to the grassy ranch land, to the grain fields and the mighty mountains to maintain a connection with nature—and the history that had changed everything. The ‘others’ were those who had always been a part of the fabric of the community but often dancing to a different drummer; harmless, while different from those who considered themselves progressive and modern. The others swore that the town was part of a bigger picture; one that had to do with the magnetic energy from the rocks of the nearby mountain ranges and the tension and magic of ancient energy and mythical battles. Most paid no heed to the others and kept on with their daily lives. They just accepted the positive vibration of their community as a given of small town and country living, not something that evolved from the geography around the town or the history of ancient civilizations. But the others, the old-timers, First Nations, the shamans and those with special senses – they knew. Knew that the mountain ranges, and the rocks within them, were gifted in their ways and that they held secrets and power that attracted unknowing participants in an ancient duel to the area. These were unknown participants that would soon continue the battle that had started between the Sons of Belial and the Children of the Law of One on the mythical island of Atlantis; a battle that would soon start anew in their small, landlocked town. The others knew that the time had come for certain with the arrival of a young woman within their midst that had risen from a difficult past into what looked like a shining future. They worried for her; they knew that she was, as yet, unequipped to understand the importance of what she held in her hands. To assist her, they tried to encourage the townspeople to be more aware of strangers in their midst. Some listened to their perceived ramblings, but they numbered few and those who listened, often didn’t hear. There were those, however rare, who listened and heard – and believed.

About the author

Contributor Notes

Marlene was so very talented in many areas. Her family was her priority, and being with her children and grandchildren gave her much joy. Her brilliant smile came so easily when she talked about them. She was a steadfast friend, a good listener, able to provide a different perspective and always ready for a fresh adventure and some laughs. Once she formed a friendship with you, you knew she had your back - through thick or thin.

Professionally, she was a teacher among teachers. She pushed her students but treated them with respect and kindness. In return, the students worked hard and respected her. She was ready for a little humour and fun in her classes, coming up with new and improved lesson plans to suit her students. Marlene was an avid runner - determined to improve, as she pushed herself to new levels, including marathons.

She was a very spiritual person, exploring new ways of understanding life. She enjoyed travelling after her children were grown and spending time in new places. Although it is difficult to describe all that made her such a beautiful person, those of us who were privileged to be part of her life remember her with respect, admiration and love.

This trilogy is evidence of Marlene’s inquisitive mind and enduring spirit; her positive, lasting tribute to hope.

Excerpt: Marked (by (author) Marlene Frere)

By four, Scott closed the final folder, shut off his computer giving up on work because of the apprehension that had repeatedly crept into his thoughts all afternoon. When a feeling was that persistent, he’d learned not to ignore it. He flicked a glance at the clock. Shift change had occurred; the office was quiet; it wouldn’t hurt to visit Ms. Graham and try to determine who the guy was at the courthouse. Just a few feet from his office door, he could feel the dark energy clamp his brain, and he knew a vision was coming. He barely had time to shut and lock his door before heavy layers of grey clouded his mind and dropped him to his knees. On a deeper level, he girded himself for the next stage, the horror of the images. When they came, they slammed through his brain like rapid-fire, leaving little chance to examine any one detail with only time to skim the horrific main points. Ms. Graham, her emerald eyes dulled, with a faceless man, his greedy hands on bare smooth skin. Then the bastard’s body over hers, flashing a pleased, reptilian smile from a faceless countenance. Ms. Graham, alone, her body colourless and still, so very still - and lifeless.

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