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list price: $24.95
also available: Hardcover
category: Gardening
published: Apr 2012
publisher: Firefly Books


The Complete Gardener's Guide

by Patrick Lima, illustrated by Turid Forsyth

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herbs, spices, condiments, plants & animals
0 of 5
0 ratings
list price: $24.95
also available: Hardcover
category: Gardening
published: Apr 2012
publisher: Firefly Books

When first published, Herbs was extremely well received and set a new standard of excellence for gardening books. Turid Forsyth's photographs and watercolor illustrations capture all the beauty and detail of these fascinating and practical plants, and Patrick Lima's highly entertaining text is chock-full of clear information, helpful advice and wry anecdotes.

The book covers:

  • Selecting and growing herbs
  • Soil
  • Perennial kitchen herbs, such as horseradish, oregano, bay leaf and rosemary
  • Annual and biennial kitchen herbs, such as basil, chili peppers and parsley
  • Varieties of thyme
  • Varieties of sage
  • Seeds and sprouts, including anise, caraway, coriander and cumin
  • Alliums, including chives, leeks, onions, garlic and shallots
  • Leafy herbs, such as arugula and watercress
  • Herbs for blending and brewing, such as mint, chamomile and bergamot
  • Fragrant herbs, such as old roses and lavender
  • Gathering wild herbs

Special sections outline how to use herbs to add color to flowerbeds and how to propagate, preserve and grow herbs indoors. The book concludes with 16 delicious recipes that make the most of fresh herbs.

This beautiful book combines the wisdom of two longtime gardeners, creating a comprehensive reference that any gardener will enjoy and use regularly.


Contributor Notes

Patrick Lima shares his gardening secrets and strategies he has gleaned from carving out a garden in Ontario's Bruce Peninsula. He is the author of The Art of Perennial Gardening and The Harrowsmith Perennial Garden.


Editorial Reviews

A must read for cooks who wish to enhance new and favorite recipes with fresh herbs, people interested in natural alternative medicines, craftspeople who turn their hand to scented designs and, of course, gardeners who enjoy tending herbs and are on the lookout for interesting new plants to add colors, scents and foliage to their beds.

— Chesapeake Home

The book is like a colorful, calming stroll through the realm of summer.

— Maclean's

Herbs provides you with the essential knowledge to build your herbal garden from the soil up ... fun read.

— Colorado Homes and Lifestyle Magazine

Essential... Lima is one of our great garden writers... a literate charming guide.

— Hamilton Spectator

Filled with delightful vignettes and essential advice ... lavishly illustrated.

— Paper Clips

Herbs: The Complete Gardener's Guide by Ontario gardener Patrick Lima is big, beautiful and reasonably priced. More than 100 herbs are covered in chatty fashion, together with tales of Lima's personal herb-growing adventures.

— Vaughan Today

Expansive study ... focus[es] on the plants' physical characteristics ... recipes and hundreds of photos enhance this charming book.

— Publishers Weekly

The informational material in this book is exquisitely complemented by photos and illustrations ... the use of high-quality paper assures great reproduction. "Herbs" is as beautiful as it is useful.

— Appleton Post-Crescent

It is ... herbs as they can be used to enhance the landscape that is most appealing about this book.

— American Gardener

A most attractive coffee-table book, this volume is at the same time an excellent reference resource for the herb gardener.

— American Reference Book Annual

What a lovely, informative and motivating book this is.

— Hamilton Spectator

The striking color photographs and detailed watercolors make this a hard book to put down. But as I read through it, I realized that it's more than a coffee-table book. It contains very good herbal information ... This is a delightful and very informative read.

— Lexington Herald-Leader

Patrick Lima's graceful garden prose takes a wide-ranging approach to herbs. His observations and advice are anchored in the herbs he and his partner grow at Larkwhistle, their garden high up on Ontario's Bruce Peninsula, as well as those found in the garden of his collaborator Turid Forsyth. Some chapters are devoted to such idiosyncratic subjects as alliums and garden silverware-or herbs with silvery leaves. Turid Forsyth's watercolours and photographs are given lots of elbow room to very good effect. A lovely book.

— Canadian Gardening

A text to sit back and read enjoyably while comparing qualities of different herbs.

— American Herb Association Quarterly

Comprehensive guide ... lots of practical advice on growing herbs as well as suggestions for medicinal uses, recipes and decorations.

— Globe and Mail

Out of print

This edition is not currently available in bookstores. Check your local library or search for used copies at Abebooks.

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