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January 22


Lily Jennings is GOING TO JAPAN!!



That’s right! Starting in April, I’m heading overseas for a one-year study abroad.

I’ll be liveblogging EVERYTHING so everybody can keep track of what I’ll be doing on my awesome trip. If you don’t know me, then what are you doing here?!

Kidding, ha ha. I’m always looking for new followers! For all my new friends, I’m a just a regular girl, currently sixteen! (My birthday is December 10, hint hint.) I love shopping and visiting fancy cafes. Pastries are my weakness. And I like to stay on top of what’s hot and upcoming—which is why Tokyo was my #1 choice and I GOT IT!! I can’t wait to check out the latest trends from Asia.

I’m also into music (rock, pop, k-pop and j-pop) and bingeing entire seasons of TV dramas at once. I like fashion magazines, chick-lit, and my guilty reading pleasure is manga. If you’re into Shinjuku Days and Nights, we can definitely be friends! I also like French food and fashion. France was my #2 choice. I speak a bit of French, but not a word of Japanese—not YET, anyway. So stay tuned for my big adventure!


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