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Atrocity on the Atlantic

Attack on a Hospital Ship During the Great War

by (author) Nate Hendley

Four Bullets, Four Witnesses, Four Liars

The True Story of a Murder and the Trial That Followed

by (author) Brian Barrie
foreword by Brian Greenspan

Under Cover

Inside the Shady World of Organized Crime and the R.C.M.P.

by (author) Garry Clement
introduction by Christian Leuprecht
foreword by Vern White

The World's Even Dumber Criminals

Unbelievable True Tales of Crime Gone Wrong

by (author) Duncan McKenzie


Atlantic Canadians Experience History In Their Own Words

by (author) Rick Howe

Skid Dogs

by (author) Emelia Symington-Fedy

Mass Murder, Police Mayhem

The Mass Casualty Commission: The Facts, The Findings, and What Must Be Done

by (author) Dean Beeby

Who Killed Richard Oland?

A real-life murder mystery

by (author) Janice Middleton

Someone You Know

An Unforgettable Collection of Canadian True Crime Stories

by (author) Catherine Fogarty

Human Scale, The

Murder, Mischief and Other Selected Mayhems

by (author) Michael Lista

I Got a Name

The Murder of Krystal Senyk

by (author) Eliza Robertson & Myles Dolphin

Mommy Don’t

From Mother to Murderer

by (author) Sherri Aikenhead

The Trauma Beat

A Case for Re-Thinking the Business of Bad News

by (author) Tamara Cherry

"Until You Are Dead"

The Wrongful Conviction of Steven Truscott

by (author) Julian Sher

Lost in the Valley of Death

A Story of Obsession and Danger in the Himalayas

by (author) Harley Rustad

Wrongfully Convicted

Guilty Pleas, Imagined Crimes, and What Canada Must Do to Safeguard Justice

by (author) Kent Roach

Chasing Paradise

A Hitchhiker's Search for Home in a World at War with Itself

by (author) Chris Benjamin

The Black Donnellys

by (author) Thomas P. Kelley
foreword by Ray Fazakas

Clara at the Door with a Revolver

The Scandalous Black Suspect, the Exemplary White Son, and the Murder That Shocked Toronto

by (author) Carolyn Whitzman

Hanged in Medicine Hat

Murders in a Nazi Prisoner-of-War Camp, and the Disturbing True Story of Canada’s Last Mass Execution

by (author) Nathan M. Greenfield

Inside the Mind of John Wayne Gacy

The Real-Life Killer Clown

by (author) Brad Hunter

Cold Case BC

The Stories Behind the Province's Most Sensational Murder and Missing Person Cases

by (author) Eve Lazarus

A Mother's Betrayal

The Murder of Karissa Boudreau and the RCMP Investigation that Uncovered the Truth

by (author) John Elliott

The Great Canadian Art Fraud Case

The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson Forgeries

by (author) Jon S. Dellandrea

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