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What The Fox Knew

And Others
tagged : family
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Vistas of the West

Vistas of the West

Poems and Visuals of Nature
foreword by Doris Daley
edited by Lawrence Kaputska
series edited by Lorene Shyba
Susan Kristoferson
tagged : nature, canadian
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Unidentified Poetic Object



As in black seed shards under bird feeders sizzling
Into snow scattered type messages for Virgil or Dante or
Kurt Schwitters as in dizzy blonde as in Lady Luck as
In coming upon a line of reasoning so pure it
Intoxicates the afternoon as in drunk with mindlight everything
Speeded up each becoming its own energy only light houses light
Years as in what is the difference between a true
Fact and an imaginary one one hundred and thirty-three percent of
Hannah Arendt's book written in English and the other
one hundred and thirty-three percent in another tongue or so
It would be in one of those true dreams we never understand as in
A moment of longing so intense I'm scooped out by love feather
Flame of scar that flickers up your belly oh I need more grace
Than I thought as in the solitary cricket winding its watch under heat lightning flicker
As in the wind chimes warning of the place the two worlds
Collide with a sudden jangle
Clatter and things slip from the one world to the other
And possibly back again

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Insult to the Brain

The Poet Bids Adieu to His Poems You are, as we know, turtles.The male has his moment,and is indifferent.The female fusses about in the sand,and is gone.The hatchlings are fully formed,no metamorphosis, no second chance.For the crippled and the unlucky,under the shrieking gulls,the sea is an infinity.from Upside DownStrange times, my dear,the executioner's walked off the job.The judge commuted the sentence to whatever the prisoner chooses,which is - can you believe it? a marriage proposal to the prosecutor,promptly accepted.In distant Madagascar a dodo rose from the sand and sang,though so far as we know these birds never sang before.At home the news briefs were equally distressing,the generals in their big hats and uniforms, and the CEOs in theirsconcluded a suicide pact - after breakfast, of course.The cleaners found the note in the afternoon.Such regrets, it reads, such regrets. The Queen and her minister, oldand accustomed to hedging, preferred exile.The ship sailed off at midnight, a sickle-blade moonunhooked from the cranes on the docks and followed her out.The Wall Street boys checked themselves in to the loony bin,they're out there on the lawn now,rolling joints and giggling at the cloudsand the coloured bits they pulled from their phones ...

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